Our Fleets are equipment with state of the art safety technology that helps provide real time data to drivers and managers to optimize optimal driving standards and best practices.  Key featured includes video monitoring, various alerts related to speed, abrupt stops and other harsh events, and ultimately provides driver reports, assessments, and coaching to help identify areas for improvement.  Some of the technology features include:

Driver Safety Scores

Driver safety scores are impacted by frequency of harsh events, such as braking, acceleration or sharp turning, and amount of time driven above posted speed limit signs. Safety scores are ranked amongst drivers peers and are reset every week.  They are accessible to the drivers to see their safety scores simply and conveniently via a phone app.  

Vehicle Safety Monitoring & Alerts

We can monitor various stats of our vehicles to ensure safe speed limits are being adhered to, drivers are making complete stops at stop signs, harsh events are detected and recorded, and ultimately a full safety report is generated for drivers coupled with a full coaching report to help promote optimal driving safety and efficiency.  These real time data includes Rolling Stop Detection. Using AI technology we can detect when drivers are at stop signs and alert when a vehicle does not come to a complete stop.  Using state of the technology we have various data, monitoring, guidance and accountability like never before.