I just wanted to just check in and thank you and the staff at Gaeta for the exceptional customer service you guys are providing. You are the 4th company I have tried over the years. No matter what I need, it gets done the same day or as soon as you are able to. Today it seems like people dwell on the negative and love to complain, but I think it is nice to hear when people are happy with what we are doing, so THANK YOU to you and the staff for all that you do. I am so glad to finally have a company I can depend on and does not give me headaches!

- Lisa Basich

Great Customer Service!

- Gables New York Hunter Douglas

They have really improved their service since the new management took over!

- Stu

This is the best carting service I’ve had since I’ve owned my store. They maintain my container, pickup my trash on time, and charge me less than the competition. Switching over to them was one of the best decisions I made. Thanks Gaeta Green Environmental Services!

- Johnathan L

They are great and they always are on the Schedule, and if there is a holiday they will notify you beforehand of any schedule changes they are Excellent!

- Great Kills Convenience Store

We started using Gaeta Green Environmental Services three months ago for our regular trash pickup. We couldn’t be happier. Their trash service is excellent and they never leave a mess in the street.

- Natalie M

There is a reason why they are growing and the rest of the companies are not.  Their service is superior.  Have been in the business for a long time and can attest to Gaeta Green Environmental Services being much more reliable than others I have tried.

- Joe

We are a Commercial Landlord on Staten Island that started using Gaeta Environmental after our Carting service was forcibly closed by governmental authorities for irregularities. After approximately a year of relationship with Gaeta, I am prompted to express our satisfaction with the relationship. They are competitively priced, responsive to special requests, and greatly improved the quality of service from what was  our previous experience. An example of their flexibility and response occurred early on when they immediately modified an evening pick-up schedule because of a neighbors noise complaints. They also provided new dumpsters upon single request, without having to call numerous times and explain the problems with our existing equipment. If a pick-up is missed, a phone call will remedy the problem. Lastly, they adjusted pricing to fit a modified schedule during the Pandemic. Therefore. in direct terms, we are extremely pleased with Gaeta Environmental.

- Frank R