How To Recycle Your Face Masks

How To Recycle Your Face Masks

With many state and local governments and global health officials urging and requiring people to wear face masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19, it’s already becoming a noticeable environmental problem around the world as to how to properly dispose of your face masks.

One February beach clean in Hong Kong found 70 face masks along a stretch of shoreline, with 30 more appearing a week later. In the Mediterranean, masks have reportedly been seen floating in the water like jellyfish.

As the world battles the coronavirus pandemic, more and more protective equipment is ending up in the sea. Globally we are using 129 billion face masks and 65 billion plastic gloves every month, and divers and observers are spotting more of this discarded waste floating underwater, causing problems for wildlife and washing up on shorelines all over the world.

What Are The Best Face Masks For The Environment?

The question here is what to use? Disposable masks or reusable mask? The answer is to use reusable cloth facemasks. This type of mask can be used over and over again with care and still be as effective as a disposable paper mask and thus reducing the impact to the enviornment.

How To Care For Your Reusable Face Masks?

Following these simple steps below will help reduce the environmental impact of a paper mask while increasing the life of your reusable mask:

  1. Use reusable masks without disposable filters. Machine wash them regularly following the instructions for the fabric.
  2. Try to carry a spare so if something goes wrong with the one you’re wearing you don’t need to use or buy a disposable mask.
  3. If you do need to use a disposable mask, take it home (maybe in a bag if you have to take it off) and then put it straight into a bin with a lid. If this isn’t possible, place it in a proper public bin.
  4. Don’t put disposable masks in the recycling. They can get caught in specialist recycling equipment and be a potential biohazard to waste workers.
  5. Whatever you do, don’t litter them!

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