NYC Commercial Waste Zones

Gaeta Green Environmental Services is always doing it’s best to educate its customers and make them aware of what’s happening in our industry. We have set up this page to educate customers on NYC Commercial Waste Zones and the changes that are coming to our industry in New York City.

What Are NYC Commercial Waste Zones?

On November 20, 2019, Mayor de Blasio signed into law LL199 of 2019, requiring the establishment of Commercial Waste Zones throughout New York City. The result of years of planning, analysis, and stakeholder engagement by DSNY, the Commercial Waste Zones (CWZ) program will create a safe and efficient commercial waste collection system that advances the City’s Green New Deal and zero waste goals while providing high-quality, low-cost service to NYC businesses.

The CWZ program will divide the city into 20 zones, each served by up to three carters selected through a competitive process. Five citywide contracts will also be awarded for the collection of containerized waste and compactors. This approach will reduce truck traffic associated with commercial waste collection by 50 percent, eliminating millions of heavy-duty truck miles from NYC streets every year, while strengthening service standards and allowing for customer choice

How Does Commercial Waste Zones Affect My Business?

For businesses concerned that reduced competition will drive up prices, rest-assured that cost-efficiency will still be an important factor when bids are made. Moreover, the fact that each new zone will be serviced by multiple haulers and that price caps are built into the law will control costs. However, cost considerations will now be balanced with sustainability and transparency, two elements that are driving the city’s goals towards zero waste by 2030.

The new law attempts to increase efficiency across the entire city, aiming to reduce the number of individual trucks traversing the same neighborhoods, boroughs, and often individual streets.

Additionally, it also includes a heavy emphasis on safety, recycling, reducing pollution, and increased job quality, as well as on the adoption of more sustainable vehicles and increased transparency of materials flows.

The bottom line is that the new bill will likely reduce your overall choice of waste service provider. However, businesses will now be able to count on those providers that win the rights to service zones to deliver better service, increased transparency, and the information you need to ensure your business can meet legal requirements and your own sustainability goals.

Can I Have More Information?

We would be more than happy to provide you with more information on Commercial Waste Zones. Please fill out the form below with your information and our customer service team will be in touch with you. You can also visit the DSNY website to find out more information.