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How Your Business Can Avoid DSNY Violations

Are you a New York City Business Owner? If so, this is an important read. The New York City Department of Sanitation is out in full force issuing violations to businesses that do not comply with local laws requiring businesses to manage their waste. Here are the steps that your business can take to avoid […]


How To Recycle Your Face Masks

With many state and local governments and global health officials urging and requiring people to wear face masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19, it’s already becoming a noticeable environmental problem around the world as to how to properly dispose of your face masks. One February beach clean in Hong Kong found 70 face masks along a […]


What Are The 3 R’s of Waste Management

Keeping on our theme of Waste Management as we defined in our last blog post “What Is Waste Management”, we will dive a bit deeper into defining what the 3 R’s of Waste Management is. What Are The 3 R’s Of Waste Management? The 3 R’s of Waste Management are: Reduce Don’t create waste in […]

Waste Management

What Is Waste Management?

There is a lot of confusion in the eye of the public around Waste Management. Waste Management is the collecting, treating, and disposing of solid material that is discarded because it has served its purpose or is no longer useful. Why Is Waste Management Important? It’s important that we properly dispose of our waste for […]


How to get started with recycling

When it comes to getting started with recycling, it all starts with small steps. First, it’s important to know what can be recycled. Once you know what can be recycled you can start with baby steps and recycle one category at a time until you get in the habit of recycling everything that can be […]

What Is The ROI On Home Renovations

What Is the return on investment (ROI) for home renovations?

Did you know that renovating your home can increase the value of your home by an average of 56%? Whether you are looking to buy and flip a home, renovating your existing home, to buying a fixer upper, home renovations can yield a significant return on investment for a homeowner. When doing a home renovation, […]

What's the best dumpster size for my project?

What’s the best dumpster size for my project?

Working on a home improvement project? Maybe you are cleaning out your attic or home and need an easy way to dispose of all the junk? Gaeta Green Environmental Services has a dumpster for your project. This is a common scenario for most of our residential customers. The most frequent question we get when our […]

Attention all NYC business owners

Attention New York City Business Owners

Did you know that all New York City based businesses are required by law to recycle? If you operate a store, restaurant, office, or any other business that is serviced by a private carting company such as Gaete Green Environmental Services, you must recycle. What should a business be recycling?All New York City based business […]

Supporting our community

Gaeta Green Environmental Services Pledges $10k to help hospital

TWO LOCAL SMALL BUSINESSES DIG DEEP TO ASSIST STATEN ISLAND UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL MEET THE DEMANDS OF THE COVID-19 CRISIS AND BEYOND. New York, NY:  James Prendamano, CEO of Casandra Properties, Inc. and Dave Berman, owner of Gaeta Interior Demolition, have partnered together, each pledging $10,000, to fund the conversion of one of the standard hospital […]


COVID-19 Update

To Our Staten Island Neighbors and Customers: 3/19/20 *** UPDATE*** Gaeta Green Environmental Services is fully operational and we are working on regular service schedule for garbage pick ups. PLEASE SEE UPDATED LINKS BELOW FOR FINANCIAL AND EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE. We will keep you informed if there are any changes in the future. As you know, […]