IMPORTANT NEWS – New DSNY Trash Set Out Times

New Rules Will End City’s “Five O’Clock Shadow” of Trash Bags

As part of the Adams administration’s ongoing commitment to cleaning up New York City’s streets and strengthening the city’s economic recovery, New York City Mayor Eric Adams and the New York City Department of Sanitation (DSNY) today announced the opening of the public comment period for new proposed rules, reducing the number of hours trash and recycling will sit on New York City sidewalks by adjusting the time of day trash may be placed on the curb. Currently, trash and recycling may be placed on the curb after 4:00 PM the night before collection — the earliest of any major American city — meaning that in many neighborhoods these items can sit out for more than 14 hours, including during the evening pedestrian rush hour. These new rules would decrease the amount of time trash is left on the curb, diminishing the eyesore of black bags, reducing trash for rats, and improving cleanliness — and ultimately boosting the city’s recovery.

See the DSNY’s official Press Release linked below to learn more: