Gaeta Green Environmental Services Updates Truck Fleet to Reduce Emissions and Meet or Exceed City Standards

Gaeta Green Environmental Services, Staten Island’s leading Commercial Waste Collection and Recycling company continues to raise the bar. Gaeta Green Environmental Services recently completed replacing its entire fleet with new trucks that meet or exceed the NYC emission standards considered by many to be the toughest in the country.

Gaeta Green Environmental Services


Gaeta Green Environmental Services offers Commercial Waste Collection, Roll Off Container Rental, and Recycling services. In 2015 the company began a complete restructuring, investing in all new equipment and technologies emphasizing safety, efficiency and recycling. A major green initiative rolled out in 2021 is an industry specific technology that allows route optimization and planning to minimize travel time, reduce pollutants and emissions while increasing safety and overall efficiency. The software monitors the fleet and provides real-time data and video to drivers and managers to further improve driving standards and push best practices further than our competitors.

Multiple cameras and video monitoring ensures all vehicles are operated safely by tracking speed , full stops, sudden braking or acceleration as well as distracted driving like the use of cell phones. Full reports of driving activity are used to identify areas for improvement during coaching and continued education sessions with drivers.

One of the best ways that we could have done our part in keeping the planet safe was taking our green initiatives up a notch,” said Rachel Lattanzio, the Chief Operating Officer for Gaeta. “Our brand-new Nissan Leaf is 100% electric with zero emissions!”

Gaeta Green Environmental Services knows that improving the environment isn’t just a trend it’s a life style because “The Future Is Green”.

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