How Your Business Can Avoid DSNY Violations

How Your Business Can Avoid DSNY Violations

Are you a New York City Business Owner? If so, this is an important read.

The New York City Department of Sanitation is out in full force issuing violations to businesses that do not comply with local laws requiring businesses to manage their waste. Here are the steps that your business can take to avoid a DSNY violation:

  1. Hire a private carting service
    • Your business can contract with a private carting company like Gaeta Green Environmental Services to collect your trash and recyclables. Post your carter’s decal and schedule in your window, and keep a copy of your contract or receipt at your business. Doing so will allow you to avoid a $100 violation.
  2. Prepare for collection at the correct time.
    • Keep trash and recyclables in heavy-duty, securely tied bags or covered bins. Daytime Pick-ups: Leave trash for collection within two hours of the scheduled pick-up.Nighttime Pick-ups: Leave trash within an hour of closing your business for the evening. Doing this will allow you to avoid a $300 violation.
  3. Remove tripping hazards
    • Storefront areas must be clear, without signs on the sidewalk. In some locations, displaying products within three feet of the building is legal – if the display is lower than five feet high. Doing so will allow you to avoid a $100 violation.
  4. Advertise correctly
    • It’s illegal to put or post flyers and business cards on car or truck windows or on City-owned property, such as lampposts and traffic signs. Posting illegal flyers will result in a violation between $75 – $500
  5. Be sure to recycle
    • All businesses in NYC must recycle metal, glass, plastic, beverage cartons, paper, and cardboard. Some businesses must recycle organics or construction waste. Make sure to always recycle and avoid a violation ranging from $100 to $400.
  6. Clean your sidewalk and gutters
    • Clean your sidewalk area, extending 18 inches into the street. Our Enforcement Officers check sidewalks and gutters. Call 311 for enforcement times. The DSNY can fine you $100 – $300 for not maintaining your sidewalk and gutters.
  7. Clear snow and ice
    • Create a path at least four feet wide by removing snow and ice — without shoveling into the street. Also clear space around fire hydrants and sidewalk corner ramps. Failure to clear snow and ice can result in a violation of $100 – $300.

For a complete list of items that the DSNY looks at when issuing a violations, click here.

If your business wants to be compliant with the New York City Department of Sanitation regulations, give Gaeta Green Environmental Services a call at 718-720-7220 or visit the Private Sanitation page on our website to get started with a private carting service from us.